Stefan Pelletier

PhD student, Université de Montréal
Stefan completed his undergraduate degree in Honours Physics at McGill University in the spring of 2017. During his time there he worked with Andrew Cumming on a model to calculate the opacity of the exotic compositions found in neutron star atmospheres. He also studied the relative behaviour of different water isotopes in regions of deep convection in the Earth’s atmospheres under the supervision of Yi Huang. Now having neutron stars and our own planet crossed off his list of atmospheres to study, Stefan moved on to the field of exoplanets.

In the fall of 2017, Stefan proceeded to the other side of the mountain to pursue his interests in astrophysics at Université de Montréal. There he joined the newly formed research group of Björn Benneke as a PhD student of iREx. He now uses high resolution spectroscopy to study giant exoplanets and better constrain their carbon to oxygen ratio. This will hopefully provide insight into the long withstanding question of whether planets are typically formed through gravitational instability or through core accretion.


Office : Complexe des sciences, B-4440

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